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Darkiel Ft. J Alvarez – Dicen (Review)

The video of this single opens up with a scene where a top-of-the-range residence forms the background. You expect this to be an intense story because a lady can be seen walking away in protest. Well, listen to the lyrics and you can tell that this is the story that many people will relate to. Have you ever loved someone who has no regard for your feelings? Is oblivious of the suffering you are going through? This J Álvarez and Darkiel edition will leave you balancing a teardrop as you empathize. The English title of this song is “they say” and the lyrics are proof of the power of listening to other people.

This song is a story of a man who has heard a lot of negative things about love; that men should not cry when they are hurt, that if a man loves a woman he ends up with heartbreak and that all a man does for a woman eventually turns to insults. Well, you can tell from the song that this is the story of a man who is in love. He knows that a relationship he had is over and he must move on but he is not able to. By listening keenly, you can feel the pain in the struggle to let go, the memories that make it impossible and the effort to look proper in the eyes of other men. This is a story of dreaming, for a man who wishes that life will be better and that the happiness in his heart will be restored by a simple “yes”.

Voice power

The rhythm of the song is pleasant to the ears and even for those who cannot decipher the language; it is easy to dance along and hum to the tune. Darkiel and J Alvarez complement each other in the power of their voices – they deliver this content effortlessly and you can tell that they are a power team.

Depending on how conservative you are, there are those who might find the use of models in this video to be unrelated to the message. There is no explicit content here but gear up for a few sensual scenes. At the end of it all, we get the message, we feel the vibe and we wish we could help the singer convince his love to come back. That is the reality of life and we can only empathize from afar.


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Written by Anthony Styles


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